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Elites Mining platform is a cloud mining system that is designed to carry out mining process on bitcoin. The platform is designed and built with an advanced mining equipment and trading tools (whatsminer and Antiminer) machines.

The machines are programmed with a higher standard automatic bot miner, with the help of this bot machines every account is set to work automatically 24/7. The mining machines works with a high-power capacity to solve complex cryptographic hash puzzles to verify blocks of transactions that are updated on the decentralized blockchain ledger. Solving this function require powerful computing power and sophisticated equipment in return you will be rewarded which is then released into circulation, so the bitcoin you purchased into your mining dashboard is what determine the power of your mining as well as your earning.

Note: the higher your bitcoin purchased into your account dashboard the higher your chances of profit would be.


There are two terms of trade, the short and long term trade

 short term trade last about 30-60 days.( interval of a month to two months)

  While the long term trade last about 3months or more.


For security reasons that has been set to be known to all customer no calls should be made with any account managers, exchanging of personal details such as taking any customer to a private network, making video calls, transaction between client and agents outside the company legacy is against our company policies.

Please take note of this to avoid any theft of money as no refund will be made in such cases if found guilty.


Ø  Withdrawals are made when a certain mining percentage is meant on your account.

Ø  You can apply for withdrawal immediately your mining percentage is at 85% and above

  Ø  For withdrawal, your mining account will be linked with your local bank or your bitcoin wallet address, this means you will be able to request a withdrawal by yourself at the end of the mining process

Note: increments in account upgrades also boosts your mining speeds whenever you want to fast a trade


Ø  There is no risk involved in Elites Mining platform because the platform is not affected by the volatility of crypto so there is no way you can lose from your capital, if there is any lose in your capital investment the company will be responsible for full refund of your capital money.

Note: you can lose from your profit accumulated when following conditions are not considered:

1.       Whenever there is mining shortage in your account dashboard, you will be notified to boost your mining signals strength to avoid losing some funds, failure to do so might result in loosing some profit

2.      When an upgrade is made on your account you are expected to ensure it is completed on time, failure to complete your deposit within a short period of time might result in loosing of fund when the mining coin has been used up.



Ø  Create an account on the mining website.

Ø  Get your account verified by verify your Email Address

Ø  Purchase the appropriate amount of bitcoin to your mining account dashboard to start up your Mining process

Ø  Chose any investments packages that are available on the platform.

Ø  Upgrade your capital investment from time to time to accumulate more profit during the given period of your trade.

Ø  You can start as low as the minimum investment which is $500 to see how the platform works and Upgrade with time.


Ø  You do not send money to anyone to invest for you, your account are only accessed by you only which means you have total control of your account.

Ø  The mining system works and accept cryptocurrency directly to your account dashboard for mining.

Ø  The company get 15% from your total profit at the end of your successful mining as their mining commission, and you get 85% of the remaining profits back to your account either directly to your bank account or through your wallet address.

Ø  Do not share your personal mining account details to anyone you don’t trust because sharing of your login information can result to lose of funds by scammers.


The company job is to ensure a smooth mining signals all through your mining process which is the work of the mining specialists and analysts that are involved with Elites Mining.

We are very transparent in the platform all that is required of you is trust, commitment and cooperation for the company to be able to make this right with you like we have been doing with others customers.

For Further information reach us at

WhatsApp                                                                                              Email Address





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